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Originally founded in 1893, Helen Keller Services for the Blind helps people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired to develop independence.

HKSB’s Pre-Vocational Training Program is helping high-school and college students who are blind and visually impaired.

At Helen Keller Services for the Blind, there is a Pre-Vocational Skills Training Program which is designed to help high-school and college students who are blind and visually impaired in finding work and internship opportunities in their career of interest.

For one student in particular, this program has paved the way to success in the career path of their dreams.

Kevin H. is currently a History major at Hunter College and has always dreamed that one day he could become a Professor of History. Being aware of this, the job placement specialist at HKSB, Russell Martello worked with Mattie Ettenheim of City Access NYC’s Museum Program to find an appropriate match for Kevin to work, where he could gain insight on his future work aspirations, while also gaining more knowledge pertaining to history, his subject of interest. Kevin was consequently given the opportunity to work at the Intrepid Museum.

The Intrepid Museum is an informational goldmine, rich with history from World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, so it was an ideal place for Kevin to gain more knowledge about these events in history. Never the less, knowledge has not been the only thing that Kevin has been taking away from this work experience; he has also been learning about what it takes to be an educator.

Kevin’s supervisor at the Intrepid, Kerry M. has been making sure that Kevin has been getting many opportunities to shadow educational tours at the museum so that he could not only gain the knowledge that they are teaching the guests, but so that he could also learn and understand what it takes to be an effective educator.

“As an educator in a museum, our job is to really help students to engage in the artifacts that they are looking at rather than lecturing to them about an object. Our style of tours is more skill based, and asks students to really analyze what they are looking at or to do an activity that might be in the gallery here,” shared Kerry.

Kerry really wanted to make sure that Kevin was gaining everything that he could to help in reaching his goal of one day becoming a Professor.

“Some kids do not like being lectured to; I certainly didn’t in certain classes that I took. So, if you teach like the educators here do, you’ll engage the kids and they may actually realize that they like it, as opposed to just telling them about it. ” explained Kevin.

It is truly remarkable how much Kevin has taken away from this work experience at the Intrepid thus far. He is even preparing to hold his own World War II tour, which will be taking place on August 13th.

Kevin is very grateful to Kerry and everyone at the Intrepid museum for making sure that he has been gaining a well-rounded work experience. He has been working hard in accomplishing his main duties of cataloging items in the different collections at the museum and helping note how to take care of the items in the collections, while having the opportunity to assimilate exactly what it takes to be a good educator, so that he can become the great Professor of History that he aspires to be.

Sarah Baez

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Sarah’s Blog

Blog Entry 8
July 3 2014

Hi everyone! This week has been all about preparing for my video projects, and there has definitely been a lot of preparing to do.

Yesterday I was able to successfully get In touch with those who will be featured in the videos. In speaking to them, I gave a summation of what my assignment is and of the plans that I have laid out for the video thus far, and upon giving them this information they seemed very interested in taking part.

This morning, I had a meeting with the star of my first video, and I think it is about time that I shared with you all who in particular this star is…She is Ms. Cynthia Johnson, the amazing and helpful Social Worker here at HKSB.

It was a great pleasure meeting Ms. Johnson today and getting to know her and what she does for all of the clients who reach out to HK. She is the first person that a person comes to when they are in need of services through HKSB, and she surely leaves a great first impression.

Having been employed here at HK for over 20 years, Ms. Johnson is very knowledgeable and familiar with the staff and services that are available, so as soon as a new client calls (and there are a lot), she knows just how to help them.

Ms. Johnson is the person who is there for those who need help, to listen and to help in the process of taking action. She is truly the “Gate Keeper” here at Helen Keller, and I cannot wait to express this in my video.

Thanks for reading, and have a fun and safe Independence Day Weekend!

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Don’t let Sep. 22, 2013 be Another Uneventful Sunday

Sundays always seem to fly by as another long work week starts to become closer and closer. Don’t let another long week begin without having an eventful Sunday.

Helen Keller National Center is giving you the opportunity to not only have an eventful Sunday, but to have a day filled with Purpose at their annual Helen’s Walk/Run Event on Sunday September 22, 2013. 

At Helen’s Walk/Run Event, you’ll be enjoying the beauty of Sands Point Park and Preserve while walking/running to support the organization that is dedicated to helping the deaf-blind community. 

To learn more, visit Helen Keller National Centers websitewww.hknc.org


Register NOW 
Online at www.ACTIVE.com
Via Brochure http://www.mediafire.com/view/5ej3jralwtqacfe/RunWalk_Brochure_2013_MASTER_(1).pdf


This event is sponsored by TDBank, Coldwell Banker,and Silent Call

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Join Us as We Walk With a Purpose on September 22, 2013

Walk (or run!) with a purpose by joining us on Sunday September 22, 2013 at the annual Helen’s Run/Walk Event, presented by the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults.

Join us as we walk/run for a good cause at the beautiful Sands Point Park and Preserve.

All are welcome to participate in the event. (Participants under 18 years of age must have waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian)

Register NOW Online at www.ACTIVE.com or by filling out this brochure http://www.mediafire.com/view/5ej3jralwtqacfe/RunWalk_Brochure_2013_MASTER_(1).pdf

For more details go to www.hknc.org or www.helenkeller.org

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The Order of Sons of Italy threw their fourth annual Activities Day for Camp Helen Keller Yesterday., and it was a Blast! For more pictures  check out our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/helenkellerservicesfortheblind

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Sarah’s Blog

Blog Entry 8
July 11, 2014

Hi everyone! I have been working on my videos all week and I have made a great deal of progress. The first video about the social worker Cynthia Johnson was put on hold because she has been on a well-deserved vacation this week, so I have been focusing my efforts on the second video. I am proud to say that at this point, with all of the time I put into creating this video that it is ready for viewing… a first draft at least. There are some things I intend to add, but overall it’s looking pretty good… to me.

My second video is about a person who works in HKSB’s Adaptive Living Program as a vision rehabilitation therapist. This person goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients have everything that they need to be able to live and strive in their environment. This person is friendly, kind-hearted, and works amazingly with her clients… This person is Sherry Azim.

Being a vision rehabilitation therapist, she helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired live independently and safely. According to Sherry, this is done by “educating the consumers and letting them know about the resources that are available for them.” In addition to this, after an evaluation of their client’s needs, vision rehabilitation therapists, like Sherry, provide the client with tools that assist in their goal of safe and independent living. Some of these tools include a talking watch, large print telephone, Close Circuit TV (CCTV), and more.

This week, I have had the pleasure of accompanying Sherry on an appointment with a new client, and I have learned so much about what she does. She brought in some of the equipment that I mentioned above, and in providing the client with what he needed, Sherry also made sure to provide him with a thorough education of what everything was and how to use it.

What Sherry and other vision rehabilitation therapists do is truly remarkable. Many individuals in the blind and visually impaired community are not aware of the tools and services that are available to help them, so when they learn of HKSB and the services that we have to offer they are amazed and grateful.

I hope that through my video, I could help more people become aware of the services like the Adaptive Living Program offered at HKSB. It is important that those who need these services become aware of them so that they ca reach out and get everything that they need.

Thank you for reading!

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Check Out Our New Blog: Sarah’s Summer Blog

Be sure to read along with us as our summer Development intern Sarah Baez regularly shares her experiences working with HKSB as part of an internship program in conjunction with the NYS Commission for the Blind.

Catch up on Sarah’s Summer Blog by visiing http://helenkeller.org/sarahssummerblog.php

…and look forward to future posts that will be updated here.

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You are invited to join us on September 22, 2013 at our annual Helen’s Walk/Run Event presented by Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults.All are welcome to participate in the event. (Participants under 18 years of age must have waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian)Feel free to Sponsor a runner or to make a Donation atwww.hknc.org. Everything you can do makes a difference and helps our good cause.Want to Register NOW? Visit www.ACTIVE.com or fill out this brochurehttp://www.mediafire.com/view/5ej3jralwtqacfe/RunWalk_Brochure_2013_MASTER_(1).pdfThank you in advance for your help

You are invited to join us on September 22, 2013 at our annual Helen’s Walk/Run Event presented by Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults.

All are welcome to participate in the event. (Participants under 18 years of age must have waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian)

Feel free to Sponsor a runner or to make a Donation atwww.hknc.org

Everything you can do makes a difference and helps our good cause.

Want to Register NOW? Visit www.ACTIVE.com or fill out this brochurehttp://www.mediafire.com/view/5ej3jralwtqacfe/RunWalk_Brochure_2013_MASTER_(1).pdf

Thank you in advance for your help

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Let’s Celebrate the ADA Act’s 23rd Anniversary

Join us in celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of the ADA Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped mold our society into a discrimination free and disability friendly environment where everyone has the opportunity to live, and to live out their dreams to their full potential.

Living with a disability does not mean that you are living with a limit. Thanks to the ADA act, there is no excuse for saying “I can’t.” It encourages change and accommodation and prohibits discrimination to promote equal rights in all aspects of living.

Whether someone living with a disability desires to live independently, travel independently, attain a high level of education, or even attain the job of their dreams, the ADA act makes it possible for each and every person to reach their goal.

Here at Helen Keller Services for the Blind, we are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities live limit free lives.. We celebrate the existence of the ADA act daily and welcome you to join us in celebration as it has reached its 23rd year of existence

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